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Everybody is online, and hence, the volume of online activities is booming especially eCommerce business. However, hundreds of thousands of online sellers are entering the market every month. And not all of them see success due to the competition. It is not easy to sell online, and you have to take care of many things to get orders. In this context, we have discussed 7 techniques used by highly successful online sellers in this article.

If you implement these techniques effectively, you will generate significant revenue by selling your products online.

Here you go.

Techniques successful online sellers use to sell more

1. Understand the importance of trust

Trust is the prerequisite concept of any successful business. If a consumer trusts your brand or product, he will be willing to buy your product and place an order online. You should provide an extensive shopping site with fair value service and a large product database.

More importantly, you have to explain to your customers what they can expect before placing their order. They will also appreciate it if you provide detailed information about the product, for example, how the products are produced, what material is used, what quality standards you or the manufacturer follows.

People don’t trust anybody easily like they used to do before. They tend to doubt the authenticity of any information they get online. So you have to convince your prospective customers with your content that your product is trustworthy and durable.

2. Give your customers a sense of responsibility

This technique is quite effective in increasing customer loyalty. Any person who is buying from a company wants to know that he is choosing a company that cares about its customers. Successful online sellers always make sure that their buyers experience this.

The first step you have to take to achieve this is to give customers a sense of responsibility. Let them know that whatever they buy from your company, they are supporting people in need.

Let your customers know that they will be contributing to people in desperate need of help. Tell them that by choosing your product, they will be taking the first step to help someone in need.

Tell them the story behind your company. Most companies use this technique to gain the trust of customers. This technique is essential to build customer loyalty.

3. Make your eCommerce business and products easy to find

This is one of the most important factors in generating online sales. To sell products, you should invest money in marketing and advertising. However, if your products are not visible on a major search engine, it will become difficult to get the customers.

Here are some of the things that can help you make your eCommerce business and products visible and easier to find on Google:

Have an image

One of the key factors in getting your products noticed is the design of your product. You can either have a detailed image that reveals all the details of the product or you can use a slide show to let the potential customers know about the product.

Have a video

Upload a short descriptive video to the product page and display it on Youtube. Note that you may have to spend money on attracting more customers through your video.

Efficient title and keywords

Successful online sellers always ensure that their product listings have effective titles, subtitles, headings, and keywords. Also, make sure that you add some key phrases that have more searches but less competition. It will make your product visible on the first page with a fewer effort from your side. You can use SEO services in India to ensure that your website and Amazon listing (product descriptions) are SEO optimized.

4. Successful onlne sellers ensure excellent customer service

The ease of buying and using products online is influenced by the customer service provided by the sellers. Effective customer service techniques along with the best amazon seller listing tools drive buyers towards the online store. Due to the reasons, customers do not think about switching to another online store.

Distribute valuable products

A timely and useful product is what makes an online retailer successful. In other words, they are popular because they are of high quality and popular. As a small retailer, your products must be remarkable and in demand.

A small eCommerce business that can get impressive leads on their products can buy large quantities to distribute them to as many customers as possible. Thus, you need to be offering high-quality products.

5. Provide an incentive to buy

To attract buyers to your website, you have to provide an incentive to buy your products. The more sales you will get, the more you will make. For example, the Swedish furniture company Ikea offers customers a 5% discount on furniture if they make their order before noon.

The company further offers an additional discount to buyers who take furniture from its collection in its stores. This way, the company can reach out to a larger number of customers.

Another option to make an impression on buyers is to create a more appealing offer. You can offer a reduced price that will be just enough to attract them to your website. Some stores offer a discount of 10% to shoppers if they make their purchases within a month.

6. Offer free shipping

When it comes to getting free shipping, small and medium businesses have an edge over large and well-established ones. Customers trust and buy from merchants that are fast and innovative. They also prefer sellers who offer free shipping and do not charge extra costs for shipping and handling.

Once the order is placed online, the seller should deliver the order quickly to the customer’s doorstep. However, sometimes this practice is not followed strictly by the merchants.

An eCommerce business must deliver the items to the customers within 1 to 3 days to get a good response and repeat orders. Failing to fulfill the online orders as per the timeline can have a direct impact on the profit.

7. Test different promotional strategies

Successful online sellers regularly test different promotional strategies. Before jumping into a promotional strategy, the online seller should try a test campaign and see if it works or not.

If the strategy does not work, the seller should stop it and come up with another one. You must also test it periodically and take the feedback of your customers to know its effectiveness.

You should also be active on social media. The advantage of getting active on social media is that the platform allows you to communicate with your customers. You can ask your customers questions or invite them to provide their opinions.

Consumers are more likely to trust your recommendations if you invite them to share their thoughts on social media.


The internet has become an inevitable part of our everyday life, and we do most of our shopping online. Therefore, it is the right time to start your profitable eCommerce business and selling your products online if not started yet.

We have tried to provide the best of the techniques followed by successful online sellers in this article, all that we would say now is “Best of luck!”.


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