BigCityBazaar was originally started as an affiliate store in 2015. But we had little or no knowledge about affiliate marketing. Additionally had no idea how to do eCommerce business and online selling. As a result, after a couple of years of struggle, we learned hard lessons.

We knew that it takes a lot of preparation. Additionally, It takes considerable efforts to start selling online. Once launched, it takes a lot of hard work to move ahead. Further, it takes smart work to become a successful online seller.

After realizing this, we decided to create a blog. So that we can provide a guide to newbies in the eCommerce business. In fact, we want that they don’t have to go through the difficulties that we have faced.

Thus BigCityBazaar blog was born to create a knowledge base. between aspiring eCommerce entrepreneurs and knowledge for online selling. So that they should get everything required to be successful in the online selling business.

We post and encourage other authors to post articles on our blog. For example, experienced sellers and authors can provide in-depth information on eCommerce. Likewise, they can share their knowledge and technique used by them and other successful sellers online. Undoubtedly, our readers will find posts on BigCityBazaar extremely useful. Consequentially, they will gain knowledge before and during the setup of their eCommerce business.