eCommerce has brought the buyers and sellers from across the globe closer than ever before. And open-source eCommerce platforms are making this even easier. It’s no surprise that you can sell your goods and services to the person living in the far corner of the world.

Top open-source eCommerce platforms

In this article, we have listed 10 of the most popular, powerful, and flexible eCommerce platforms available at no cost for the beginners. Read on.

1. WooCommerce

If you are going to have a WordPress site, WooCommerce is the plugin for you. It’s the most popular eCommerce plugin used by 1.5 million small to large online stores. Being easy to install and simple to use, this plugin has made hundreds of thousands of merchants successful in the online selling business.

Looking at these facts, we can put WooCommerce first in the list of top open-source eCommerce platforms.


2. OpenCart

With more than 2700 themes and a large community of active members has made this free and open-source platform the first choice of small merchants. Notably, this is being used by more than a half a million online sellers and thousands of them are performing so high that they are considered among the top million sites by Alexa.

Like most of the platforms, OpenCart provides multilingual and multicurrency features to make it useful for sellers from all over the globe. Additionally, it takes little efforts to customize your store and can be set up within minutes.

So when checking for the top open-source eCommerce platforms, OpenCart can be on your preference list.


3. Magento

If you are looking for a fully-fledged and dedicated platform for your eCommerce business, Magento should be your first choice. Notably, it’s a content management system cum shopping cart software that is being used by more than 2,50,000 online merchants across the globe. That means you don’t have to look for anything else when you choose Magento as a platform for your online selling business.

When you are thinking about a CMS for your online store, this is one of the best online platforms for eCommerce that you can choose without any doubt.


4. Spree Commerce

Spree is rapidly growing as one of the most popular open-source eCommerce platforms with its easy to use extensions. Its 45000+ installation, adding daily, has placed it in the list of top platforms for eCommerce business. If you are planning to make a multi-vendor marketplace, Spree Commerce will make it easy to set-up the same within a few weeks.


5. X-Cart

X-Cart, created by Creative Technologies LLC, a Russian web development company, is the first PHP based open-source eCommerce software launched in the year 2000. As of now, it’s being used by more than 30,000 online stores. Its latest version X-Cart NEXT was released in 2013 and renamed to Cloud was mentioned as one of the best eCommerce platforms in the list compiled by SitePoint.

X-Cart is available in paid versions based on size, need, and industry. Moreover, those who are looking for strong support and features prefer to go with X-Cart. Therefore, if you have a budget and looking for one of the best cloud-based open-source eCommerce platforms, this is the one you should go with.


6. Square

Square is a mobile payment and merchant services aggregation platform. The company also provides hardware as well as software that makes receiving payments via different methods smoother. Hardware includes Magstripe, Register, Terminal, Stand, and Contactless Chip Reader. Additionally, it also provides a point of sale app that is intuitive and will make managing your business extremely easy.

Square provides multiple software and hardware services at different prices. You can also build a custom combination of services and software. You can select them or have a customized solution depending on your scale of business and turnover to minimize cost and maximize the benefits.


7. Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a completely free one of the widely used open-source eCommerce platforms. It is considered as the most user-friendly software for the sellers and buyers. Additionally, it provides 1800+ add-ons in 16 categories. That means you can get everything ready-to-use for starting an online store. This platform was originally based on osCommerce and started developing itself independently in 2003 with a focus on templates.

As of now, Zen Cart has a large community of 150000 members that keeps it ever-growing and adopting new practices in the field of online commerce. You can integrate almost any payment gateway with your store created using this software.


8. Drupal Commerce

Those who have some knowledge about CMS knows about Drupal. It’s considered as the most secure and flexible CMS freely available. Drupal Commerce is a module provided by Drupal that has everything that you need to start your online shop. You get multicurrency, multilingual and many other features in this platform.

Note that this platform takes considerable technical knowledge. But it also provides good documentation. However, you should hire a developer if you have some budget and want a secure and highly flexible as well as scalable eCommerce website. If you go with Drupal, you may want to know the basic rules of creating a successful website.


9. PrestaShop

With more than 250000 installations and more than 850000 forum members, PrestaShop is one of the highly recommended open-source eCommerce platforms. It also provides support for 65 languages and has become extremely popular among the developers. Additionally, it has users in more than 200 countries due to its highly user-friendly structure and interfaces.

Though this award-winning software is free with basic functionalities, it provides thousands of paid themes and modules for customization. If your budget allows, you can use them to make a beautiful and complete eCommerce store for your business.


10. WP eCommerce

If you are already familiar with WordPress and love the way it works, this is one more eCommerce platform from the same CMS. If you comfortable with giving some time to add HTML and CSS yourself, this is the best open-source eCommerce platforms to go for. Give its simplicity and great features, it’s being used by around 3 million stores globally.

As you know, WordPress has a large community, you can get most of your questions answered. However, if you need expert help, you can get it by paying some charges. All in all, this is among the most preferred platforms for the small to large merchants looking to start an online shop.


We hope this list will help you decide the most suitable platform for setting up your online shop. Additionally, reading more about how to start a profitable eCommerce business will improve your chances of achieving faster growth after the launch.

Best of luck!



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