How to Build Your Successful First Online Store

Congratulations on your thought first. When you made an idea of building your online store the process of starting it can be overwhelming and confusing at the same time. Moreover, there will be lots of decisions for you to make while building your first online store but focusing your effort on wrong areas can lead to a month of waste time.

Fortunately, you don’t have to depend on “top thousand one idea on a way to build your successful online store”. If you wanted to know how to make your online store successful you have come to the right place.

Pick a user-friendly platform for your first online store

To communicate with your customers, you required a medium. Also, that specific medium should be able to help you for interacting with your customers, buying or selling products and marketing whatsoever business it may be. So, try to pick a user friendly, easy to use the platform as the priority when you launch the website, later you can modify according to the market trend. Just make sure you don’t overdo it because keeping it simple is our motto.

When I refer easy to use and user-friendly platform, it means all the functions should be included in a single site. Further, the service should be able to take care of all the transactions, technical details, and your customer’s valuable feedback.

In the market, there are numerous hosts available to use for your online shop, like Shopify, spark play, bigcommerce, 3D cart, etc. Also, these services take care of all the hosting which will help you to just fix your first online store up and launch your product. You may have to be compelled to pay either a monthly or yearly subscription. But it will be a small amount to pay for taking care of your store.

If you are a technical person and you would like to have control over your online web stores platform, then you have to choose a self-hosted platform. WooCommerce and open cart are my suggestions for a new store owner who is a technical person because these platforms come with a bit complexity but allow you to customize your platform.

Put extra effort on marketing your website

Marketing is the key to success and is not a way to lie and dispose of what you make. Specifically, it is the art of selling your product to a valuable customer. It is what makes people speak about you even in your absence. Also, if done well, spending on marketing won’t go in vain and will gain courage for your customers to give a try on your product. Furthermore, if you satisfy him with your product what else you need? Note that a satisfied customer is a loyal return customer.

Hit the market as soon as possible

Building your first online store and launching it quickly without a second thought is the best thing you can do for your budding business. And if you are new to your niche, you may think you know your customer’s wants, needs, and problems, but guess what? You don’t actually do. So, without any second glance start your basic website and start communicating with them. Basically, the interaction will be the key to learn more about your target audience.

Once you have a better idea you can improve your site with all your gained knowledge and while you have been collecting all these data’s you would have also completed with few sales.

Another reason to launch quickly is that it takes a lot of time to reach people. Even if it’s a basic one you can start telling about your business to people like marketing.

Write a product description

If you are new to the niche you know next to nothing about the product. So, it’s better to use the manufacturer’s information to launch products on your first online store. You can later write more when you have unique content about the product.

For example, if you are selling coloring pages for girls but don’t know how to describe it creatively, just use whatever information you have. Later when your store is built and running, you can write a description in a creative manner or get it written by a writer and update your product details.

Why add Secure sockets layer certificate

SSL certificate serves as the backbone. It secures sensitive information like credit/debit card details, customer credentials, and other personal information. This provides customers to feel safe and make visitors stay a longer time. So it will be a bonus for you and your customer.

Give importance to your “about us” page

99 percent of the time if your customer visits your about us page that means they are already interested and planning to invest in your product. So, now what you want to do is just prove to them that your product is the best in the market.

Avoid writing too much in your about us page. Keep it minimal yet effective. Include basic information’s like contact details, addresses, achievements, and any proofs to make them feel safer is welcome there. Let them know who you are, what you do and why your product is best and what you going to offer your clients.

Make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to use the about us page effectively because it will lead you to gain a customer. Clearly mention your contact details like email id, telephone number, alternate number if any and your social platform ids. And lastly, proofread it to ensure that no spelling and grammatical mistake is left.

Offer good customer aftercare support

Your customer needs to know that the relationship between the customer and merchant won’t end once the product gets purchased. Guaranteeing customers with troubleshooting after purchase and consultation before buying will get you loyal returning customers. The most successful strategy when it comes to customer support is supporting them 24/7. But if you don’t have that many resources to provide support round the clock then you should be available during working hours.

Include wide and popular payment options

By providing wide popular payment options you are making an easier option for your customer to purchase your product. Additionally, allow users to save securely the card details if they wish to make future purchases seamlessly. This is an important feature to include while you are building your first online store.

Pin product reviews

Online shoppers can’t meet merchants in-person. So, other buyers review is what makes the customer buy the product. further, excellent reviews and ratings create trustworthiness to your product and to your site immensely. Also, ratings and reviews save the customer time as it breaks down what the other customer think about the product. It helps to decide on the product.

If you have more product reviews then you are already stepping into success. Therefore, to encourage more reviews don’t be shy in asking your customers for review after purchasing. Moreover, if they are happy about the product most of the customers won’t mind writing one, just a little gentle push from your side will be enough for them to leave a review.

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Make sure your site is search engine optimized

You will require traffic for your online store in order for the purchase to happen. And the source to generate traffic is Search engine optimization. Therefore, by adding SEO into your titles, description and wherever possible you are increasing the visibility. Undoubtedly, SEO optimizing of e-commerce website derive too many customers. So, try using keywords as much as possible.

Make sure your application is both Mobile and desktop responsive

With the growing usage of phones, an application that is desktop and mobile-friendly is possible to hit the market at a higher rate. Further, no matter what mobile phone they use, a compatible application is highly recommended by customers. Opt for vertical designs over horizontal ones as it will make your job easier while using on a phone. It makes easier to scroll the screen. And all don’t forget to check for the responsiveness in both mobile and desktop. A quality assurance test is a must.

Why identify your competitor and have an eye on them?

Let it be any product. Before buying customers, check through all the marketplace for discounts, best price, easy return policy, free shipping, and other overall shopping experience. Apart from this, to keep buyers attracted to the store you must first identify your competitor and need to identify the similarities. Figuring out what makes your competitor more profit will help you to improve or change your business to keep loyal customers returning and welcoming new buyers.

Now you are ready to launch your first online store. Keep in mind these key areas. And you have created a solid foundation for your successful eCommerce website.



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  2. Awesome blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Appreciate it!|

    1. I would recommend using a free platform like WordPress first. Or if you are ready to spend some money, you may go with choosing a good domain and hosting. I can suggest a hosting provider suitable for your initial needs. Let me know.

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