Selling Your eBooks – Proven Ways and Tips

E-books are the books printed in the digital format which can be easily accessible and read on computers or mobile phones. Due to the increased use of the internet, the popularity of ebooks is increasing day by day. This is the reason why selling your ebooks can be a game changer for your career as an author.

When it comes to eBooks there are so many niches like love, motivation, romantic, health, natural things, beauty, food, education and many more. A lot of E-books come online nowadays due to its cheap update cost and no shipping charges. And people can also purchase them easily online at cheaper prices than printed books. So, both its supply and demand are quite high.

With the increased demand for Ebooks, many of the authors and sellers come online to sell their own e-books. So, it becomes quite difficult selling your ebooks due to so much crowd and increased supply of books published online. As it sounds, there are many writers who want to make profits just like you.

In order to sell your E-books successfully, there are so many proven ways and tips that can guide you to come out from the crowd. So, in this article, we will discuss those ways and tips which we can use to sell e-books.

Choose a creative topic and title to attract your audience

While creating any E-book, it is a very crucial step to choose relevant and trending topics that can attract the maximum audience. Choose any simple and meaningful title that can attract more audience. That will help you to gain more readers. The title should reflect on the written content in the e-book.

You should choose your creative topic which hadn’t been discussed in any other e-books but important in daily life and give your valuable advice on that topic. The mode of text on the outlet should be legible. For example, it can be in cursive writing or in any manner of writing in order to make it legible and beautiful.

Share your experiences and do complete research

You should be completely aware of the topic you have chosen and try to add all the valuable experiences and suggestions in your e-books. In order to be successful in selling your eBooks, you should first make it really interesting. This can be done by using your expert knowledge and doing research.

So do the complete research about the topic and then accordingly, share your own thoughts and experiences which can intrigue your readers and they might get fond of your eBooks. This will help you to sell your eBooks for the next time due to the gained audience of your previous e-book.

Add images and better design for your E-books

When it comes to E-books, then you should work on the proper design for your e-books. No reader will want to read a boring e-book. Make sure to research on pictures that will fit your e-book which can preach a message. So, it is important to add relevant images that can explain the content of your e-books. This will help your readers to understand the content in a better way and they will not feel boredom while reading it. With visual features, selling your eBooks in large numbers will be much easier.

Work on the content of your e-book

It is important to add clear and straight forward content to help your readers easily understand it. It should be unique and sounds good for your audience. Research is what will give you the confidence to right. Don’t just bluff on the topic. Always do proofread and plagiarism checks because plagiarized content will affect your reputation.

For the interesting part, most people are looking for things which will keep them engaged when there is nothing to do. So they try in looking for content they feel like reading that can help to pass their time and also make their respective day, so I will urge you to write content interesting to your client and which they will be able to recommend it to another. What you are writing should be meaningful, let your content correspond with the topics.

Try to remove all the grammatical and typing errors. Also, make the content meaningful and maintain the flow of the content in the correct direction. Don’t go out of the topic. Because most of the time a good book fails because the engagement while reading will be not there. The reason for not feeling engaged is only because of not staying on the topic.

One would have come to read about chemistry but what will happen if you feed them with physics. That’s how simple it is. Try not to increase your word count by adding unnecessary stuff into your eBooks. This is an important concern you should pay attention to before you start selling your eBooks.

Attractive cover page for your e-book

We all know the very common proverb saying not to judge a book by its cover but trust me, your eBook cover will make you stand out of the crowd. Because it is the cover that makes the first impression on your costumers. If the cover is more inviting for a reader it will make them click on your e-book and even if that isn’t what they are looking for, so in a matter of fact, you get people’s attention. This will improve your chances that the viewer become interested in your eBook.

While planning to design your cover without a second thought give it to very good graphic designers if you are not someone who is technically strong. Because giving it to a professional will give you the best since he will work for what he has been paid. Also, I advise you to not award it to a particular designer and give it to multiple individuals. This is because you can compare their work together and pick the best of the best.

Perhaps after you get the design you must look at the color. It must not be too flashing and must attract the customer and must be beautiful, don’t let it be odd, let it be half-range. This is an important aspect to be considered while selling your eBooks.

The cover picture should be the other main part of your eBook. It will help the book itself to promote. It can be an emotional picture or anything but that is related to the content of the book. At the same time just don’t confuse the reader by bringing all the characters in the cover picture. Some mystery is always welcomed.

Proper Marketing for selling your eBooks

After all the above necessary steps, now the next step is to publish your E-book online. There are many well-known websites like Amazon, Payhip, Selz, Blurb, E-junkie, etc. at which you can publish your E-book online with front and back cover pages, description and the price of your E-book.

Marketing is necessary for all fields because it is what decides your reach in the market. To build awareness among your readers you should first reach them. Try to share your published E-book on all social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and all your WhatsApp groups. You can take the help of many of the established YouTubers and Instagram handles to upload on their account to attract more audiences.

Everyone likes giveaways. Giving away books for free will reach to more hands. But do it for a very short span of time and give only very few books. It will interest others to buy. Ask the ones whom you gave your book for free to review it. In that way, you can get a review and a huge number of readers aiding to the efforts in selling your eBooks.

Also, you can give testimonials. Contact influencers and ask them to read out your testimonials. Write about your E-books in some blogs or do live streaming and make more audiences aware of your E-book. Prepare a good time for promoting your eBook in all the possible ways you can. Marketing skills will make you popular around the world.

Take Feedback from your readers and analyze your sales

After selling E-books, now its time to know your audience and their nature. Many websites like Amazon have this feedback option. So, you should try to get feedback from your audience to know the needs of your audience and to make improvements in your next E-books. It will help your readers to get full satisfaction and improve the productivity of your work.

It is also crucial to carefully analyze and keeping the track of your sales which, you can easily do with the help of many websites like Selz. This will help you to know the interest of your readers and accordingly, this will guide you for your next E-books to gain a maximum audience.


Hopefully, above all mentioned steps will help you all in preparing and selling your eBooks. So, next time whenever you think to create your own eBook or selling them, keep in mind all the tips and use them accordingly to boost your sales. As you will start making your first e-book and sell it, you will gain some experience and that will definitely help you in your next e-books. So, stop worrying and start doing. Once you started, you will find your own ways of selling E-books. If you are selling your books through your own website, these tips to get traffic for your online store will be extremely useful.



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